This website has been specifically created to give in-depth detailed online videos to become a seasoned pro in window tinting. We will help you with knowledge of the trade which can take years to gain, personised support and even custom made videos which caters for all of your window tinting needs. 
 Website members have exclusive access to our valuable content which is constantly updated from a beginner 101 to unique tips which can give even the most experienced tinter help in getting the job done to a higher standard and saving time in doing so.

Tinternet has been created by Tinted (Tinted Dorset Ltd.) to give in depth detail of how to do it, why to do it and when to do it. Tinted have been giving 1-1 training in window tinting for a number of years now and has had huge success in transforming keen, aspiring tinters into professionals owning their own tinting business.

This website contains videos with information giving vital points and factors in providing window tinting services to the very highest standard. Window tinting can take years to be experienced enough to have come across various problems and how to solve them. With Tinternet you can learn how to tackle a problem the way we do, how to avoid the problem altogether and pre empt it for next time. 
Our online training videos give step by step instructions to do specific windows to the highest standard. 
What’s more…Can’t find the exact video you need? Give us a shout on our contact us section and we will do our absolute best in creating a video solving your tinting issue and upload it as soon as possible!