No. We will give you a basic tool set to use throughout the course which are yours to keep

Not at all.

In fact the less you know already the easier it will be to teach you

No we do not. You are required to arrange your own accommodation.


Although like anything you will only be good at something after practice and experience.

Our training course give you all of the fundamentals to tint a car but after you leave you must practice what you have learned.

Great question!

Our 1 to 1 training courses include lifetime support.

Simply call us anytime you get stuck and we can get through it together.

What’s more is upon attending our 1 to 1 course you will gain 1 years free online course membership!

No problem at all.

Simply use the contact us section and leave us a message on what video you are looking for.

We will do our very best in making a tailored video just for you and upload as soon as possible.

Good question.

Youtube and other platforms alike have generic tutorials showing how to do this and that.

We give in depth information which has taken years of experience to gain.

We show you how, why, when and where.

Yes of course.

We require no contract or sign up clause and you may cancel at anytime.